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You get three one ounce samples for just $7.00
(Additional postage for customers outside the U.S.).

Go to our Sterling Tobacco and 1776 Tobacco pages
and select three blends you want to try.
Then go to THIS PAGE,and follow the instructions there.

BARGAIN PIPE TOBACCO From time to time I get special deals on tobacco. When that happens I will blend up a batch of “Bargain” pipe tobacco for sale at unusually low prices. This is quality tobacco and there are no “fillers” or non-tobacco products added. 100% tobacco at 100% bargain prices.

Each batch will be different from the last since I never know what kind of tobacco bargain I will get. The blends will be aromatic since that is the most popular.

This batch of Bargain tobacco is selling for just $17 per pound! Where else can you get a price anywhere near that?

Order several and save on shipping costs. Tobacco will stay fresh for many months in a beer cooler with an open glass of water for humidity.

To order, just phone 815-441-8065 or mail to Sterling Tobacco, PO Box 1151, Sterling,IL 61081 with cash, money order or check, or email info@SterlingTobaccoCo.com. (Be sure to give your name and how many pounds you want).

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Sterling and Sterling’s 1776 Tobacco Companies
offer secure online shopping for custom blended pipe tobacco
made with the finest natural tobaccos & flavor enhancements.

The Sterling Tobacco Company strives to maintain only the highest quality pipe tobacco. Our blends are made with the finest natural tobaccos and flavor enhancements available. You can be confident you'll receive full smoking enjoyment with any of these quality blends.

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