Customer Feedback

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I may not have the answer but I'm sure one or more of my customers will.

For example: On 7/14 a customer asked about "lamp black" to coat his pipe. I replied "You can try, but I just fill up my new pipe and start smoking." He then asked about the risk of burning his pipe. "If the pipe is bryer, the only way you can burn it is by puffing too hard, which pulls too much oxygen and makes the ash super hot."

I am just trying my first bowl of the 1776 American Patriot, and aside from a single prior bowl of the Tavern, I've never tasted these blends before. I am amazed at the complexity and taste, and having to create whole new categories of tobacco to try to place them. I cannot wait to try more of these wonderful mixtures. Thank you! ~ CC

Great tobacco blends! Personally love the VaPer. Even better customer service! Always mention your business on Reddit; Pipe Tobacco and Pinterest...MJM

Just wanted to say, that I love the Old Dominion and the Double Eagle. Still my two favorites after 5 years of piping. So glad I found out about ya...PS